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Though the Minturn Saloon does not have a reservation system, we make every effort to work with concierge and meeting planners when it comes to group arrangements. Concierges are welcomed to call or email us with the names of clients who would like to dine at the Minturn Saloon. We will mark down the client's name, date of request, time of expected arrival, and number of guests. That request will be given to the host on the evening of the request and the host will endeavor to have a table for the group as close to the requested time as possible. We have used this system for years and it works well. If there is a wait your clients will be able to enjoy a cocktail and complimentary chips and salsa in the bar while their table is formed.

For clients who are unsure of their actual group size, date, or time of arrival, we are happy to have you suggest to them that they use our "Call Ahead Seating" plan. Suggest that the client call us about one hour before they would actually arrive at the Minturn Saloon for dinner. At that time we can mark their group down at the host stand and inform them of any expected wait time (if any).

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