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Though the Minturn Saloon does not have a true reservation system, the Minturn Saloon does have three types of seating policies. Two types for smaller groups, and you'll find a policy for larger groups over 40 at the bottom of the page.

Small Groups

We have two methods of noting small group arrangements:

1. Consideration:

We are happy to work with meeting planners and concierge to facilitate arrangements for small groups under 40 people. Though the Minturn Saloon does not have a true reservation system, we can accept information in advance (name, date, size of group, phone number, and desired seating time) for groups. We will then make sure that our host is aware of the request and they will endeavor to have the table ready as close to the requested time as possible. We have used this system for years and guests seem to be very pleased as it works well. Guests are welcome to enjoy complimentary chips and salsa with a cocktail in the bar if there is a short wait. We find that most customers actually enjoy a few minutes to look at the extensive memorabilia before dining.

2. Call Ahead Seating:

Small groups and families who want to retain flexibility in their schedule are able to call about an hour before they plan on arriving at the Minturn Saloon for dinner and ask us to mark them down on a wait list (if there is one). "Call Ahead Seating" will reduce most wait times.

Large Groups (over 40 people)

We accommodate larger groups on a frequent basis at the Minturn Saloon. Please call Andy Kaufman at 970-827-5954 for group information and booking. Andy can fill you in on all the available options for both regular group dining and private party options. The Minturn Saloon with its distinctive atmosphere and dining continues to be a "must" for visitors. The historic and casual Minturn Saloon is a wonderful compliment to any group's stay in Vail and Beaver Creek resorts.

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